Ultima Lasers co. ltd is a high-tech company in developing, research, production, sale and after sale. With customer -orientated business philosophy and the purpose of science and technology first, ensure high quality and cost effective products for customers; which makes us gain lots of customers all over the world. Global Laser company works hard at all times, is to became a famous German manufacturer of all aesthetic & medical equipments in the world. Diode Laser Hair Removal Instrument is the high-tech product that is independently developed by our company and with independent intellectual property right. The Diode laser hair removal system involves a beam of concentrated light and heat that is directed into the hair follicles, and therefore to the melanin contained in them. The pigment absorbs the laser energy and is destroyed, inhibiting hair growth in the affected hair follicles. The laser energy is directed at these follicles while simultaneously protecting the surrounding skin from harm. And with the large spot size, the process treats numerous hair follicles simultaneously, making the treatment much faster than traditional IPL and other hair removal alternatives. The Diode laser method of hair removal may involve several treatments. Each session with the laser is fast, and there is little to no down time. Side effects from Diode laser hair removal are minimal, but there may be redness on the treated area. This redness should disappear in two days.